Revaluation Process Wrapping Up in Smithfield

Final values to be determined by February, appeals can be made.


Smithfield’s tax assessor’s department is just wrapping up the 10-year town-wide revaluation, which is expected to deliver new values for local real estate in February.

Suzzanne Kogut, Smithfield Tax Assessor, said this year they’re doing a full revaluation, which required in-person inspections of properties. Letters were sent to all property owners, she said, alerting them that the process was starting up again, encouraging them to set up appointments with the town’s vendor, Appraisal Vision of Northborough.

In another three years, Kogut said, they’ll do a statistical revaluation, which doesn’t require inspections, just adjustments for current values.

Most of the people they needed to reach set up the appointments this year, Kogut said, but some chose not to reply to the letters. When that happens, she said, they can still do a revaluation for a property – they just have to work in the dark for some things. “You have to make certain assumptions,” Kogut said.

Once the values have been finalized, property owners will get notices in the mail telling them they can check the new values online. “If they feel anything is incorrect, there will be an appeals time set up wth the company (Appraisal Vision), “ Kogut said.

Once the appeals are addressed, the new values will be used, with the new tax rate determined in June, to calculate tax bills. Even after that, Kogut said, people will still have an opportunity to appeal their values, she said. 


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